Live Campaigns

Lead’s Children Ministry is working to bring Christ followers together to serve each other and glorify his Mighty Name!  Join us today!!

Bed’s for Babies –  children are sleeping on the dirt without blankets.

Our goal is to deliver aproximately 50-55 beds & blankets to our home community in Wakiso district of Kampala, Uganda Africa….

Uganda “Beds for Babies & Children”

  • $5,000 goal
  • each mattress  with blankets cost $50
  • will continue until all children have mattresses 

Our start up needs funding to get essential tools to function and grow

We are prioritizing a vehicle, specifically a van or suv to make the trip to our communities we are serving.


  • Van or SUV Needed
  • Ongoing Until Fulfilled
  • $20,000 goal

Work with Lead’s Children Ministry

We are a community based ministry. Join our team of professionals, we are interested in learning about what God has called you to do in your life.  Jesus is leading & healing. Contact us today for more information. To see a better community here at home!

Building a team at home (Gray’s Harbor County)

Equip children and families to live a Christ centered life

Our program will help participants grow and connect with the Holy Spirit, equipping them to fulfill his or her purpose for Christ.


Who We Are?

Lead’s Children Ministry is a non-profit community organization that was founded in the USA,  August 2020. In the last year we have focused specifically on providing a generous food benefit to families, food banks & other ministries.  Today, we are excited to launch the full breadth our ministry in Grays Harbor County. We are grateful to Jesus and “Our Nations Ministry” who helped him provide us the food benefit.

How Can You Help

We are spirit led, we want to connect with Pastors and other spirit led people. We want to unite individuals and families. Its time for all of God’s people to come together and worship Jesus Christ and follow his will for our lives. True healing can happen across our communities.  Together, united by Christ we are strengthened to accomplish his will. It is only the example of true love and true belief that will produce life, in order to reach the lost, we need not be lost ourselves.

Send a donation

We are a non-profit 501c3 organization.  Our EIN# 85-2770908

Give a gift

We accept food, clothing etc. as long as it meets our criteria and can be sent to Africa or be used here locally. Please inquire with our team to see if your donation is acceptable.

Get involved

We have no limits of how we can serve people. Our goal is to unite God’s children together to create the Kingdom of God and serve each other both here and in Uganda, Africa.  We believe God will provide and we can make a difference anywhere in the world that God leads.

Become a volunteer

Serve with us and share in the joy of knowing other spirit led people. We are to find our place in the kingdom of God.

Purchase authentic African clothing


Coming Soon

Volunteer With Us

Those things, which ye have both learned, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you. Philippians 4:9